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Frog Hair Fishing Lines
All Fishing Lines are Not Created Equal... or Are They? Freshwater Fishing Line Fluorocarbon Line Saltwater Fishing Line

FROG HAIR is similar to all the others BEFORE it goes through the molecular alteration process.  Molecular Alteration is the fundamental basis of Nanotechnology, which is a technology used to develop higher strength structural materials.  AFTER processing, the molecularly altered filaments have an unprecedented combination of:

  • Flexibility
  • Shock resistance
  • Strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Low memory

In fact, it's so unique, it's patented!

FROG HAIR provides the angler with more accurate casts, natural presentations and greater fish fighting capability.

Try FROG HAIR – you'll be glad you did!

"I have used Frog Hair leaders and tippets exclusively for many years. I will say that I don't loose fish with their leaders and tippets. My clients are amazed at how hard they can lean on a fish getting it to the net. Frog Hair leaders and tippets have great shock absorption when those trophy fish make those hard powerful lunges to deep water, the abrasion resistance keep the fish from rubbing on the rocks and logs that would break a normal leader. Many of my clients have now began using Frog Hair leaders and tippets exclusively after being exposed to their performance on my guided trips."
~ Randy Ratliff,
Troutfishers Guide Service, Kingsport, TN
Randy Ratliff

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