With more natural presentations, 
      you simply get more hook-ups.


Frog Hair Tippet 

Frog Hair Tippet provides a more natural presentation, creates more hook-ups and provides maximum fish fighting capabilities for the angler.

• Super high tenacity mono
• Highest strength to diameter
• Built-in shock resistance
• Superior knot strength
• Ultra supple
• Exacting tolerances perfected
• True competitive advantage


Frog Hair Leaders

Supple Butt

• Extra supple butt section provides for tighter loops
• Superior knot strength
• Incredible toughness
• Built-in shock resistance

Stiff Butt

• Heavier, stiffer butt
• Ultra supple tippet
• Superior knot strength
• Incredible toughness
• Built-in shock resistance



Fluorocarbon Tippet

The added suppleness compliments the refractive qualities of fluorocarbon to deliver the most stealthy, drag-free presentation possible increasing your catch rate.

• Ultra high molecular weight PVDF fluorocarbon
• Increased flexibility
• Up to 2x the suppleness of others
• IGFA Class rating



Fluorocarbon Leaders 

Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader

Stiffer butt optimizes the energy transfer from the fly line. The taper is engineered to combine with the heavier, high density fluorocarbon to provide an optimal weight distribution along the length of the leader for exceptional roll out and a more powerful turnover, guaranteed.

• Superior knot strength
• Incredible toughness
• Built-in shock resistance
• Stealthy, drag-free presentation
• Extra long taper section (over 60% of the leader length)
• Includes perfection loop


Deep Blue Tippet 

Engineered to provide an optimal combination of strength, abrasion resistance and shock resistance.
• Easy tying
• Casts better
• Absorbs powerful impacts
• Reduced untimely break-offs
• IGFA Class rating



Deep Blue Leaders 

Big Game Salt Water Leaders

• Built-in shock resistance 
• Dual tapered 
• Mid “class” section
• Abrasion resistance bite section 
• Pre-straightened bite section

Deep Blue Tapered Leaders

• Easy tying 
• Casts better 
• Absorbs powerful impacts 
• Reduced untimely break-offs 
• IGFA Class rating



Specialty Leaders 

The right leader for the job

• Transition Nymph Leader
• Great Lake Stealhead Leader
• Pocket Water Leader
• Spring Creek Leader
• Dry Fly Slack Leader
• Muskie Leader
• Bass Leader
• Salmon / Steelhead Leader 


Shooting Line 

“Molecularly Altered” Frog Hair Shooting Lines offer all of the casting qualities the big water angler desires. FROG HAIR’s exclusive process builds in flexibility and virtually eliminates coil memory which produces lines that will shoot farther and handle easier than any other running lines. Available in 5 sizes that are identified by 5 distinctive colors, FROG HAIR Shooting Lines have the “slickness” needed to achieve greater distances for that great catch or during casting contests.


Frog Hair
Accessories & Gear

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